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Learning Development Solutions to create a more engaged workplace to improve business results.

The Learning Edge Inc. is a Canadian based learning and development firm. The Learning Edge’s training programs are presented to organizations who wish to have a solution customized to meet their specific needs.

Our firm offers a broad range of business solutions through an extensive network of professionals qualified in their related work field. They have the expertise and experience that offers our clients the best possible learning and development solutions, all on the cutting edge of today’s business world.

We accomplish this by analyzing our clients’ business needs, researching the most appropriate intervention and making a recommendation for an effective solution.

The Learning Edge is committed to:

 Exploring ways to save you time and money in sourcing learning and development solutions.

 Identifying your specific needs and customizing solutions to realize your potential.

 Building a relationship with you so that on a long-term basis you have access to a network of experienced trainers and consultants.

 Minimizing your risk in selecting a professional, as we are familiar with each of our facilitators’ and consultants’ specific areas of expertise.

 Researching to bring you the most innovative solutions in the marketplace.

 Sharing best practices of how our solutions have been successfully applied.

 Earning your trust with every interaction we have with you.

The Four Pillars of Excellence

The Learning Edge’s logo, a diamond, not only symbolizes quality and value, but also is distinctive in a personal sense. A diamond is a piece of coal made while under pressure, and Denise, a coal miner’s daughter, knows The Learning Edge Inc. should only further enhance the high quality of services they already provide with the added pressures of entrepreneurship. There are four distinct criteria a jeweler observes while grading a diamond, and research determines the same criteria apply in a business environment as well.



Provide employees with a role model, highlighting the importance of your values by walking the talk and leading by example.



Ensure employees have clear understanding, creating dialogue about what matters in the organization.



Connecting with employees while encouraging relationship building, enhancing their engagement in the organization.



Motivating and encouraging employees to strive for their best, and to recognize and value their own contributions.

Kara Marchand, Director of Finance, First Nations University of Canada

“I have been working with Denise at The Learning Edge for well over 10 years. In the roles I have held over that time period, I have had the privilege of attending Managing Things…Leading People numerous times as well as participating in an 18 month Leadership Development Program. Anytime I have reached out to Denise and her team they have answered with a customized solution in areas like team building, individual coaching and self development from 363 assessments. I believe the opportunity I have had to work with Denise and her team over the past many years has greatly influenced the leader I am today.”

Donna Bailey, Director, Client Solutions and Research, Cusource

“We chose Denise and The Learning Edge because of the depth and breadth of experience and exposure using the DiSC® tool and the flexible full meal deal- everything from profiles, to customizing interventions for particular needs, train the trainer services, 363 consulting offer. We have just run our first TTT session and comments from our participants were that they were “blown away” by how open and sharing Denise was of her tacit knowledge, tips, and tools- her trade secrets from working with DiSC® profiles for so long. Behind Denise is a deep bench of qualified facilitators and consultants to support the work that needs to be done. 

We have found Denise to be totally engaged in making our partnership work, she is highly responsive, and it is just like having another person on our own team.” 

Donna Bailey, Director Client Solutions and Research, CCUA Professional Development and Education

“A cornerstone of credit union’s competitive advantages is entrenched in building deep and meaningful trusted relationships with members and internally with each other. The Learning Edge has a broad range of solutions to support rich learning about relationships for diverse groups of staff and leadership CCUA Cusource enjoys a strong partnership with The Learning Edge and flexibility that the offerings give to respond to ever-changing needs.

Developmental in nature, the various products can be used to meet a specific need, or over a period of time, build one upon another. Working with The Learning Edge is a pleasure! Denise and her team are professional, responsive and make it easy to get things done.”

Marius Jacobs, Leadership Development Director, SSR Mining

“The Learning Edge is a group of super knowledgeable, passionate and committed people who understands how to connect with their clients.”

Somi Cheon – HR, SSR Mining

“The Learning Edge gets people culture! So exciting to partner with such an innovating organization and unlock our people’s potential.”