Employee Engagement Surveys by Activate HCG

Discover the power of employee engagement.

The Learning Edge has partnered with Activate Human Capital Group to present Employee Engagements Surveys that help leaders quickly identify how to improve employee engagement within the context of the work they are already focused on.

Whether you’re nurturing a small business or steering a large enterprise, employee engagement is your secret sauce for success. It’s all about the heart and soul your team pours into their work every day, connecting their personal passions with your company’s mission. When employees are truly engaged, they don’t just clock in and out; they bring their best selves to work, driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for your business and your customers. Let’s unlock this potential together and make your workplace a thriving, vibrant space!


What is Engagement?

  1. A measure of employee commitment to going ABOVE & BEYOND for their organization, team, & customers.
  2. Something we can MEASURE and continually IMPROVE over time.
  3. A metric we can use to predict retention, productivity, profitability, & safety.


Conditions to Do Best Work

Growth & Autonomy

Trust & Collaboration

Visionary Leadership

Supportive Supervisor

How Does it Work?

  1. Best practice is to leverage a 3rd party partner and a proven set of survey items that are scientifically linked to the outcomes we want to see as owners. This ensures employee confidentiality, candor, and a return on the investment.
  2. Activate Human Capital Group has developed an award-winning, scientifically-validated survey that has proven effective in 34 languages across 49 countries.
  3. Employees invest less than 5 minutes to complete the survey. Responses are aggregated into team scorecards with clear recommendations so each team can affect engagement from the bottom up.
  4. Meanwhile, leaders will receive a heatmap of engagement scores across the organization and coaching support to help them focus on the few but timely organization-wide improvements that can be made.

About Activate Human Capital Group

Activate Human Capital Group is passionate about measurement with a purpose, focusing on clear, data-driven actions that have the most significant bottom-line impact. That ranges from ensuring that you have the right people in the right seats to helping you develop, engage, and retain great people who act as ambassadors for your brand.

Our “why” is Better Work, Better World. The last 30 years of data shows us that engaged employees perform better, stay longer, and deliver at a higher level for their internal and external customers. That’s a given and makes engagement efforts great investments for organizations. That said, the gains are mutually beneficial. Employees who are engaged and placed in the right roles THRIVE. Their work gives them energy rather than zapping it. They leave work with energy reserves to support their families, communities, and physical wellbeing. That’s what Better Work, Better World is all about.

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