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Leaders in Learning and Development Solutions since 1994

The Learning Edge

Leaders in Learning and Development Solutions since 1994

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Everything DiSC Train the Trainer

Everything DiSC Train the Trainer

August 26 – 28, 2024. Experience the Everything DiSC assessment process, receive personalized profiles, and apply the profiles to real-world scenarios. Receive The Learning Edge’s training materials, activities and best practices. These have been designed and tested by The Learning Edge, enabling us to provide you with the very best delivery model for Everything DiSC so you can achieve the best results on a go-forward basis. These additional resources go “Beyond the Kit”.

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We are excited to bring you our newest release!

Connections Leadership Journey

One Leadership Development Program to Connect ALL Levels of Leaders.

Connections Leadership Journey is an 8 module comprehensive approach to leadership development. This program focuses on the role of an authentic leader in connecting with team members through leader-team member intentional communication, coaching, employee development, change and conflict management.

30 Year Track Record of Learning & Development Success!

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All learning and development solutions are designed for virtual and in-person facilitation.

Learning and Development Solutions that create a more engaged culture that improves business results.


We are committed to a comprehensive diagnosis before recommending and customizing a solution.


Every solution created is in pursuit of excellence, from development to execution.


Our long-term relationships have proven to be successful in that we know our clients’ needs and can be proactive with interventions that positively impact their business.