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The Learning Edge

Marius Jacobs, Director of Leadership Development, SSR Mining

“SSR Mining is a mid-tier precious metals mining company with a corporate office in Vancouver, Canada with three operations across the Americas. The process for SSR Mining of starting with a formal approach to leadership development started at the beginning of 2018. Several significant factors contributed to the decision by the SSR Mining Executive Leadership Team to initiate a structured process of investing in the development of our people – leaders specifically.

We engaged with The Learning Edge in September of 2018 and spoke directly with Denise McIntyre. This was a refreshing experience to be able to contact the CEO of a company you wish to potentially interact with! Denise’s approach towards me, our requests and SSR Mining’s uniqueness, was one of immediate comprehension and dedicated attention. What I most appreciated about the approach was that I never felt that they were trying to sell their highest revenue shelf product. Denise rather proposed to genuinely work with us in tailor-making optimal solutions for the idiosyncrasies of SSR Mining.

Once there was a decision to proceed, we were immediately introduced to members of The Learning Edge’s team who would be involved in our journey. Seana Bagley (nee Marche) was SSR Mining’s Project Manager. What an amazing lady to engage with. Her attention to client service was only surpassed by her warmth, skills, knowledge and experience.

With its 25 years of experience, The Learning Edge was able to offer a variety of cutting edge and best practices in terms of product range solutions and delivery expertise.

Denise is a brilliant facilitator. She became a trusted advisor to SSR Mining and now a friend. Denise is a true professional and seeing her in action and learning from her was a true privilege. Her passion for the subject matter, the client, the group and the individual, is unmatched. We were truly honored to have had her personally involved with the journey we embarked on.

It was only natural that Denise’s initial involvement has led to numerous other SSR Mining engagements. All these were expertly, professionally and competently handled.

I can undoubtedly recommend The Learning Edge where learning and development solutions are sought to realize the potential of individuals, teams and organizations.”

Lee Knafel, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, Nutrien

“The Learning Edge has been working with our Corporation for over five years. During that time, Denise and her team have provided training and development solutions for a wide range of needs, from individual coaching, to team building, to the superb “Managing Things…Leading People,” which has become a cornerstone of our Leadership Development Program. With a rapidly-expanding, diverse organization like ours, with a de-centralized approach to management development, any training partner must be able to respond with innovative or unique solutions. Cookie cutter won’t cut it. Whenever we’ve called upon the The Learning Edge, their response has made it clear that no need is too great or too small. Denise has made a consistent effort over the past 5 years to get to know our people and our priorities. Whenever we’ve called upon the The Learning Edge, their response has made it clear that no need is too great or too small.”

Kara Marchand, Director of Finance, First Nations University of Canada

“I have been working with Denise at The Learning Edge for well over 10 years. In the roles I have held over that time period, I have had the privilege of attending Managing Things…Leading People numerous times as well as participating in an 18-month Leadership Development Program. Anytime I have reached out to Denise and her team they have answered with a customized solution in areas like team building, individual coaching and self development from 363 assessments. 

I believe the opportunity I have had to work with Denise and her team over the past many years has greatly influenced the leader I am today.”

Donna Bailey, Director, Client Solutions and Research, Cusource

“We chose Denise and The Learning Edge because of the depth and breadth of experience and exposure using the DiSC® tool and the flexible full meal deal- everything from profiles, to customizing interventions for particular needs, train the trainer services, 363 consulting offer. We have just run our first TTT session and comments from our participants were that they were “blown away” by how open and sharing Denise was of her tacit knowledge, tips, and tools- her trade secrets from working with DiSC® profiles for so long. Behind Denise is a deep bench of qualified facilitators and consultants to support the work that needs to be done.

We have found Denise to be totally engaged in making our partnership work, she is highly responsive, and it is just like having another person on our own team.”

Somi Cheon – HR, SSR Mining

“The Learning Edge gets people culture! So exciting to partner with such an innovating organization and unlock our people’s potential.”

Donte Fears, Leadership Development Consultant, LogistiCare

“Earlier this year I had the pleasure of joining a new company after facilitating with a major bank for 15 years. This new adventure was both exciting and nerve wrecking because my expectations were high, while still being unsure. When I was brought on board, I was introduced to a very bubbly vendor by the name of Denise McIntyre. We accidentally bumped into each other at a coffee shop prior to attending my first session with her. Right off the bat, I knew I was in good hands by her professional attire, warm smile and personable attitude. Within a short time of meeting my other peers and manager, Denise realized what our team needed to be successful and made it her personal goal to deliver. Over the next few weeks, her energy never died. She was upbeat, understanding, flexible, and open to all of the ideas and suggestions my team brought to her. She asked for constant input and challenged our thought process to make sure we kept everyone at all levels in mind. She followed up between each session to make sure our momentum was still strong. Denise and I still share best practices, months after our contract ended as well as share constant appreciation around learning from each other. I will personally say that my standards are high when it comes to other facilitators, Denise not only met my expectations, she exceeded them. Thank you for the partnership and I look forward to our constant growth together.”

Jennifer McGill, General Manager, Masonite

“I have had the pleasure of working with Denise for several years and with multiple teams that I have managed in different industries. Denise is a very skilled facilitator who is able to quickly identify strengths within teams that can be built upon to help bolster exceptional results and at the same time put her finger on what is getting in the way from success. She brings a positive dynamism to every session she runs. She is able to draw out examples that are relevant to the audience and help ground the material. She is a quick and adept student of human behavior and leveraging DiSC, is able to help people at varying levels of organizations identify their strengths and blind spots so they can be their best. This has created a language in the organizations I work in so that our teams can help each other truly be their best. I have also had the privilege of working with Denise on leadership development. She is so incredibly astute at helping leaders leverage their greatest assets and personal style to truly deliver the best to their teams.”

Jonathan Ladyman, Mill Supervisor, SSR Mining

“Training with The Learning Edge was very impactful for me as a young leader. It has provided me with tools and training to excel at my job.”

Laurie Smith, Talent Development Manager, Affinity Credit Union

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Denise at The Learning Edge throughout my Credit Union Career.  The Learning Edge has a broad range of solutions that support the development of individual growth, team development and leadership excellence.  Denise has a wealth of knowledge to share and is committed to helping organizations achieve success.


Denise and her team always have the best interest of the client in mind, they are professional, responsive and continually strive to provide top notch service.  They quickly become trusted advisors and a valued partner.  They do a great job in helping organizations to find solutions that promote growth and development at an individual and organizational level.  It has been a pleasure working with Denise and her team.”

Managing Things…Leading People

Marie Campeau, Health Program Manager, Yellow Quill First Nation

“MTLP is the best program that I am aware of for getting teams together, it challenges your own capabilities while improving team building among your team. It brings everyone together – I highly recommend this training program to everyone who wants their team to come together.” 

Tracy Thibault, Bourgault Industries Ltd

“What a life changing experience. I had no idea what I was in for and was extremely surprised and satisfied with the course Great Job!”


Bev Peel, Athabasca Healthy Authority

This was the most practical leadership/management training I have experienced in my 30 years of leadership with Federal, First Nations and private industries. This is a great next step for anyone at any level of management to self-improve or build their teams.”

Bobbie-Jo Porter, Recruiting Manager, Olysky LP

“This was an excellent course, very well organized and delivered. I received very valuable information which I use often. Denise is a fantastic trainer. She was very adaptable to the group and was great at keeping everyone engaged. I highly recommend this development program.”

Evan Prytula, Bougault Industries LTD

“This was one of the most exciting experiences of my adult life. I truly feel that I left here a better human being.”

Curtis Fleishhacker, Mine Construction Supervisor

“This was the most engaging and inspiring course I have ever participated in. It feels as though I can go back to work and “Move Mountains” making huge personal changes in my leadership style.”

Garth Erbach, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Canada

“Managing Things…Leading People will change you. Forget everything you thought about leadership courses as this one hits it out the park.”

David Walker, Co-op Refinery

“Denis is the most influential speaker I have ever met. I came into the course with no role model in leadership and I have left with a hero and someone to look up to!”

Diane Hart, Sunrise Credit Union

“This has been the most inspirational 3 days. I have learned more in this course than any other leadership course I have taken.”

Megan Torrie, Co-op Refinery Complex

“The most powerful career development I have ever received – the power is that this course will allow me to continue developing long after this week.”

Keli Blazeiko, Cornerstone Credit Union

“wow, not only did Denis and all of his teachings make an impact on me professionally and personally; all of those that joined me on this learning path also taught me new things that will remain with me always.”

Judi Wearing, Cornerstone Credit Union

“It was an experience, not just a training course, and my life has been forever changed for participating. I am excited, delighted and ignited!”

Kevin O’Kane, COO SSR Mining

“Regardless of how many leadership development opportunities or courses you have had I challenge you to find or have a better experience than with The Learning Edge.”

David Wiens, Director Corporate Finance, SSR Mining

“Best Leadership Program I have ever taken. Has reawakened a spirit of hope and optimism in me.”

Greg Martin, CFO SSR Mining

“Denis Shackel did a fabulous job in bringing people in, challenging them, and supporting them in a firm but caring manner.”

Marius Jacobs, Director Leadership Development, SSR Mining

“The association the Learning Edge has with Dr. Denis Shackel is very significant and beneficial to SSR as a magnificent event of development and growth.”

Sam Mah, Director Mine Planning SSR Mining

“Tool box is getting fuller with each session.”

Dave Thomas, Director IT SSR Mining

“This was a great experience! Highly recommend it!”

Brian Martin, Director Business Development SSR Mining

“Real eye opening experience. Learned a lot about myself as a person! Denis was an inspiration to all of us.”

Steve Brigden, Regional Branch Manager, Sunrise Credit Union

“I have been in a leadership role for over a decade and have never had the opportunity to learn so much in a such a short period of time. This course will change your life.”

Pam Vandepoele, Branch Manager, Sunrise Credit Union

“The seminar had humour, tears, and an encouraging atmostphere to all of us to stand up and help us become exceptional leaders.”

Trevor Valois, Unit Operations Advisor, Co-op Refinery

“Absolutely amazing. Opened my eyes to how to interact with people on my team.”

Front Line Leadership

Tennille Zatrepalek, Training Specialist, Affinity Credit Union

“I wanted to let you know how much I valued your training. Right from our first phone call with you, it was clear you wanted us to succeed and your passion for the material was contagious. It was so helpful seeing you go through the material with our pilot group and I loved how you continually came to let us know why or how you did different things. It helped so much hearing your best practices and rationale for doing what you did. You demonstrated you were an expert and I respected you more and more as the sessions went on. You were able to quickly build a trusting relationship and that made the certification process much more comfortable. I’ve been running workshops and doing presentations for years, but the few days we spent with you during certification and the specific feedback (praise and corrective) I received from you was more valuable than anything I’ve ever received in the past. So many participants only focus on the positive, but it’s hard to improve when all you’re hearing is vague, positive feedback.


I learned so much from you. The specific feedback you provided to me during certification helped me become a better facilitator and I am so grateful for it!”

Sherry Edwards, Manager of Organizational Development, LogistiCare

“Denise custom designed a 4-day leadership program for the senior leaders at LogistiCare that was based on the Front Line Leadership content and provided a high level overview for senior leaders. This enabled them to support and coach the Front Line Leaders – as well as to adopt and model the behaviors themselves. Denise also facilitated the first program which received excellent ratings. 

Denise and Robert have been phenomenal. They are supportive, helpful, and resourceful – and truly professional, experienced, responsive partners. This programs design and content is excellent and highly engaging. It is a very interactive program, full of tools and self-assessments, and practical models. We absolutely loved and responded to her.”

Bobbie-Jo Porter, Personnel/Recruiting Manager, Olymel

“I had the opportunity to participate in the Front Line Leadership Training from The Learning Edge. This was an excellent course, very well organized and delivered. I received very valuable information that I use daily. The Learning Edge provides great reference tools that can be easily reviewed at a later time. Denise is a fantastic trainer, she was very adaptable to the group and was great at keeping everyone engaged. Denise helped develop the confidence of the participants by using various methods of training. She is passionate and enthusiastic about the material she is teaching and very in tune with her audience. We were also able to customize the course to receive the specific training we were looking for. This course exceeded my expectations, one of the best training sessions I have attended. I highly recommend this program!” 

Lee Skifton, Bourgault Industries

“I had the pleasure of receiving Front Line Leadership Facilitator Training from the Learning Edge. My training experience was very successful and interactive. All of the components of the program that is presented to help leaders carry out their responsibilities more effectively. Denise applies the same through her Facilitator Training. She empowers you with her best practices, providing great examples, and goes beyond the program details, with her follow up extras and reassurances. 

This program compels you to look for ways to influence your performance. This is specialized skill that Denise delivers with her coaching expertise. The whole process from start to finish was superb and will be a massive help to me going forward in my consulting business.”

Edwina Bateman, CEO, Avail HR Services Inc.

“I had the pleasure of receiving Front Line Leadership Facilitator Training from the Learning Edge. Denise is a fantastic trainer!

My training experience was very successful and interactive. All of the components of the program that is presented to help leaders carry out their responsibilities more effectively, Denise applies the same through her Facilitator Training. She empowers you with her best practices, providing great examples, and goes beyond the program details, with her follow-u p extras and reassurances. 

Denise’s enthusiastic engagement with her trainees compels you to look for ways to influence your performance. This is a specialized skill that Denise delivers with her coaching expertise. The whole process from start to finish was superb and will be a massive help to me going forward in my consulting business. It was an absolute pleasure facilitating this course with Denise and I will always value her personal input. 

Marie Byington, HR Manager, SSR Mining

“Very impressed with the ability to adapt to the teams’ needs and examples that relate directly to our workforce.”

Somi Cheon - HR, SSR Mining

“As an HR professional – I found the content highly aligned with best practice, empowering
employees and how to become a leader in life and business. Thank you.”

Luis Fernandez, Process Supervisor, SSR Mining

“The training will be of great value, not just for myself but for everyone within the organization.”

Jim Lindeman, Maintenance Supervisor, SSR Mining

“This is an experience, not a class you simply attend. It is engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring!”

Jairon Walk – Hub Manager – Central US – Farmers Edge

“This training has allowed me to take a step back and help me understand myself better as a leader. I am leaving today with practical tools to use in real life situations.”

Kevin Kocsak – Location Supervisor – Farmers Edge

“Learned how to be a better leader. Kept us moving and not completely sitting all day looking at powerpoint slides.”

Michael Marriott – Data Processing Manager – Farmers Edge

“Very important concepts that seem straightforward that we don’t often take time to think about on a daily basis.”

Kylee Wassenberg – Telematics Operations Manager – Farmers Edge

“Forever grateful that Farmers Edge provided me the opportunity to go through this program with Denise. The material covered will provide excellent tools for me to continue to become a great leader.”

Steve Tritle – Regional Operations Manager – Farmers Edge

“This program is well paced, yet has enough depth that it ensures I learn the skills needed to communicate, inspire and coach my employees into excellence. It is also fun!”

Alain Boyer, Tech Services Supervisor, SSR Mining

“Tools for life not just work!”

Bernardo Trefogli, Business Operations Analyst, SSR Mining

“Amazing presentation skills; kept the room engaged.  Great combination of experience, knowledge and fun.”

Justin Dryden, Electrical Planner, SSR Mining

“Organized, to the point and interesting for everyone involved. Great program.”

Amanda Rudyck, Loan Processing, Team Lead

“Great job. Keep the way the presentation was presented. It was very interesting and great involvement.”

Maria Ganntson, Contact Centre Team Lead

“Continual learning is critical in finding success. This Front Line Leadership program provides applicable, real activities to reach your next level and build a strong successful team and teammates.”

Dallas Manson, Team Lead

“Denise’s approach is 2nd to none!”

Lauren Loehndorf, Advice Centre Team Lead

“Great mix of information, interaction, and activities. The most effective training I have participated in.”

Karen Unger, Team Lead, Affinity Credit Union

“Some of the best training I’ve ever had! Insightful and practical. The resources will be very valuable to me in my Team Lead role.”

Deanna Miskolczi, Advice Centre Team Lead, Affinity Credit Union

“Excellent experience. I am going home with numerous tools to help me become a more effective leader. I would definitely recommend Front Line Leadership course to others!”

Dallas Manson – Advisory Team Lead, Affinity Credit Union

“The Front Line Leadership program has offered me a new perspective on what it means to be an effective leader! I can’t wait to put my new skills into practice!”

Lauren Loehndorf, Advisory Team Lead, Affinity Credit Union

“Denise is wonderful! She has a way of making each person feel valued and heard. I’m an introvert and can find being in a room filled with people all day exhausting, however I truly enjoyed each of these sessions. I learned many new skills and models that I will take back to my team. Looking forward to the rest of my leadership “journey”.”

Sherry Edwards, Manager of Organizational Development, LogistiCare

I have been working with Denise McIntyre and Robert Winter since May 2018. My company (LogistiCare) implemented the Front Line Leadership program as our foundational management/leadership development program this year. We started with a Pilot and certification training, both facilitated by Denise McIntyre. The company’s “official” rollout of Front Line Leadership began in August and continues through the next year. Feedback on the program has been extremely positive and our leaders are embracing all the concepts, tools, and behaviors.


As partners in this endeavor, Denise and Robert have been phenomenal. They are supportive, helpful, and resourceful – and truly professional, experienced, responsive partners. Robert’s Front Line Leadership design and content is excellent and highly engaging. It is a very interactive program, full of tools and self-assessments, and practical models. And Denise is an incredible facilitator. The groups she worked with absolutely loved and responded to her.


I would work with both of them again – and highly recommend them to others.

Patrick Lemieux, Production Supervisor, White River Forest Products

“The Learning Edge offered a way better program than ever expected. It’s unreal to be honest.”

Mike Leitch, Production Manager, White River Forest Products

“The leadership program offered by The Learning Edge has left me better equipped to manager and communicate with my team as well as build a stronger and more unified team.”

Jessalyn Watt, Learning and Development Advisor, Copperfin Credit Union

“Every employer should invest in DiSC for their organization. The benefits are extremely positive and your staff would be thankful you invested in it!”

Jade Rotchill, Logistics Coordinator, Masonite

“Excellent way to build a positive and productive work environment if every company implemented DiSC I truly believe turn over would be non-existent.”


“This program is beneficial to your professional AND personal life. Highly recommend to every person!”

Brigitte Neale, HR, Masonite

“Ideal for a new team or for building a specialty project team. Lots of value!”

Connections Leadership Journey

Donna Bailey, Leadership Development Consultant

“Connections Leadership Journey is exactly that, a way to consider and learn about the key elements that any leader needs to excel at, and to add insights to their personal leadership journey. ”

Tammy Priddle, President & CEO, Deer Lake Regional Airport Authority

“Connections Leadership Journey allowed me to reflect on how I show up as a leader, how I can inspire and support my team and organization to be the best it can be. The Learning Edge team demonstrated professionalism and an incredible level of knowledge and skill. I would recommend this program for leaders who are at any stage of their career.”

Evi Uzuhai, Senior HR Generalist, Westoba Credit Union

“  It is my pleasure to strongly recommend the Connections Leadership Journey. The structure and planning of the entire program is very good. The support and lessons taught is super helpful for new and aspiring leaders.”

Jennifer Isaak, Member Service Representative Supervisor, Weyburn Credit Union

“I would highly recommend the Connections Leadership Journey through the Learning Edge. Denise and her team of facilitators are knowledgeable, approachable, professional, kind, open, and honest. Through their leadership they demonstrate what is taught throughout the course. Whether you are a seasoned leader or new to leadership, whether in a formal or informal leadership role, there is lots to be learned from this course. This course has helped me learn about what it takes to be an authentic leader who inspires engagement, unleashes the power of teamwork, maximizes performance and development, and how to be a coach who knows how to have productive conflict and build a character culture. It was worth every penny and every minute and I’m a better person, mom and leader because of the Learning Edge. Thanks Denise and team! ”

John R. Field, Broken Arrow Coaching & Consulting

“An excellent, comprehensive leadership program. It is very well laid out, practical, and easily implementable. The material is presented by passionate, well-experienced, and caring presenters. You will not be disappointed! It is worth every moment of your investment.”

Marliss Meckling, Senior Manager of Member Experience, Weyburn Credit Union

“It was a great way to make connections and learn how to not only be a more effective leader, but person.”

Dorothy Downs, Executive Director of Forest City Film Festival & Forest City Youth Film Festival

“This program took me to the next level in thinking about managing the quickly growing team at the film festival. It helped me to learn about leadership skills and tools that I didn’t know about. I think that whatever level your leadership skills are at, there is a lot that can be learned in the Connections Leadership Journey. ”

Lucinda Smolinski, Human Resource Manager, Fast Genetics

“This training session was enlightening. It not only helped me in my professional life, but gave me skills that I can use in my personal life. ”

Cameron Chapman, General Manager, SSR Mining-Seabee

“This Connections leadership program was professional, effective, fun and designed for all Front Line Supervisors.”

Anders Carlson, Exploration Manager, SSR Mining-Seabee

“I very much respect that Denise continues to be the face of The Learning Edge by facilitating the training herself.”

Jason Cyr, Mill Manager, SSR Mining-Seabee

“Don’t change a thing about this Connections Leadership Program!” 

James Lett, Chief Engineer, SSR Mining-Seabee

“Overall Connection Leadership Program is a good system.”

Kerry McNamara, Project Manager, SSR Mining-Seabee

“Straight to the heart of the matter. We manage people and people need to be treated with consideration and respect. This course provides tools to do so.”

Coralee Kirby, Safety Health Environment and Security Manager, SSR Mining-Seabee

“The week of Connections Leadership Program went by very fast. It was a lot of fun!”


“Connections Program…what an experience! Riveting subject matter delivered by true professionals.”

Ralph Erquiaga, Process Manager, SSR Mining Marigold

“Great materials and presentation, great tools to take back that are sustainable.”

James Carver, Exploration Manager, SSR Mining

“Two full days of meaningful instruction and practical application of advanced leadership training.”

James Frost, Tech Service Superintendent

“Excellent for every stage in your career as a leader. It doesn’t matter if you are a leadman or CEO; this course has something for everyone.”

Kevin Jessop, Safety, Health and Security Manager, SSR Mining

“The Learning Edge did a great job engaging with the team to help us get better and celebrate successes.”

Lisa Anderson, Advice Centre Manager

“Excellent session for all those that manage staff. Very engaging content, activities and discussions.”

Glen Cunningham, Advice Centre Manager

“Top notch facilitator. This is the best training I have taken in 10 years.”

Anthony, Advice Centre Manager

“This was a really informative session which provided me with lots of practical material to implement in my regular activities.”

Les Husband, Advice Centre Manager

“Really enjoyed the sessions. Really made me self discover opportunities for personal development.”

Jerry Johnson, Tech Services Superintendent, SSR Mining

“I have attended a lot of leadership sessions both on site and off, and this was among the best and provided more tools that I will actually use.”

Allen, OE Manager, SSR Mining

“Great training and tools to make our organization more effective.”

Deanna Bennett, Executive Director, Queen's University

“I found The Learning Edge by chance or maybe it was divine intervention. The service and support provided by Denise and Seana is second to none. I just completed the Connections Leadership Journey, and I went into this program with extremely high hopes and mainly to investigate if it would be a viable solution for our leadership team development. This program exceeded every expectation that I had. From the quotes to the personal assessment to the tools, everything covered has been useful and I was able to put a lot of what I learnt into action right away. The tools are easy to remember, I am constantly reminded about the tolerate, celebrate, and demonstrate, Listen, acknowledge, and ask, Characteristics of a high performing team. The pace of the program is great and the connections and learnings from other leaders in the program has also been fantastic.”

Everything DiSC®

Jessalyn Watt, Learning and Development Advisor, Copperfin Credit Union

“When all travel got cancelled because of Covid-19 I was super disappointed on missing out on my Train the Trainer DiSC course in Saskatoon.  Was super happy when Denise reached out and offered to do the training with me one on one over video conference. It felt really good to spend the afternoon focusing on my personal Learning and Development with Denise and I am very excited to bring what I learned into my organization.”

Cory Pageau, Arlanxeo Canada

The experience (Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders) was very enlightening. I was able to use the data to understand how I am being perceived vs how I feel I am working or better yet how I have been perceived in the past. Denise helps me see the trees for the forest and truly understand with small tweaks I can work on my perceived areas that need to show up more while looking at what is already working.

Donna Bailey, Director, Client Solutions and Research, CCUA

“We were looking for a comprehensive suite of products with options for top to bottom roles, and which could be applied over a long period of time, through layering various interventions. This gets away from the “flavor of the month” that can be the perception when new products are introduced. The fact that there is management, leadership, 363 and the Beyond DiSC® profiles creates a continuum of development, which can be approached in no particular order, to match needs. The facilitator kits for each intervention are comprehensive, professional and allow for an experienced facilitator to hit the ground running.”

Lindsay Hayter, Human Resources Manager, Hayter's Farm

 “As a member of middle-management team in a manufacturing industry, I’m so impressed with how practical and amazing the learning was.”

Eric Tasa – Bourgault Industries

 “Highly recommend it to anyone.”

Perry Slobodzian – Co-op Refinery Complex

 “A course well presented. Everyone can relate to the material.”

Kristen Erick – Sunrise Credit Union

 “Amazing course that has made a difference in my personal life as well as my professional career.”

Lisa Watson – Strathclair Credit Union

 “Excellent tools and lessons for everyday life in the workforce and at home.”

Dave Misir - Seven Oaks School Division

 “This course will build on both work and home life!”

Jenn Mok, Operations Advisor, Affinity Credit Union

“I loved the half day DiSC session. Learned a lot about myself and my co-workers. Really enjoyed looking at the comparison reports.”

Cameron Meier, Operations Specialist, Affinity Credit Union

“Excellent seminar. I learned a lot about myself as well as about how to work with others.”

Alicia Wheels, Payroll & Benefits Team Lead, Affinity Credit Union

“I have a better understanding of how to approach others in the workplace based on their DiSC style.”

Allison, Loan Processing, Affinity Credit Union

“Well prepared DiSC training session. Will be useful for teamwork.”

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

Trevor Cooney, Manager, Seabee-SSR Mining

“This brought a lot of honesty, allowing us to grow together into a better functioning team.”

Jennifer McGill, General Manager, Masonite

 “Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is an excellent course to bring teams together and build the foundations of a high performing team. Denise is a wonderful facilitator”

Don, Quality Manager, Masonite

 “Enlightening, productive experience.”

Denis Chiasson, Plant Manager, Masonite

 “Very well prepared material that is personalized to each person along the difficult steps of the training.”

Anita Marois, HR Supervisor, Masonite

 “A very helpful training session to help our team become more successful.”

Cameron Chapman, General Manager, SSR Mining

 “An experience we want to replicate within teams in the organization.”