Electronic Profile Information Center

The First Step to getting started with DiSC® is having your own EPIC Account (Electronic Profile Information Center)

The Learning Edge is pleased to offer you the opportunity to have an EPIC Account setup electronically. Wiley is the leading provider of instrument-based learning systems and resources and now offers clients a convenient way to process the DiSC® profiles.

Advantages to having your own EPIC Account:

  • Assign and generate just in time profiles for training or recruiting.
  • Easily generate Team Views to look at the DiSC® styles of everyone on a team or in your entire organization.
  • Create Comparison Reports to compare any two individuals working together; this helps to build teams and to identify where conflict may arise.
  • Assess the DiSC® culture of your organization and how it has an impact on performance.
  • Quick access to purchase the credits from The Learning Edge needed to assign profiles.
  • When specific needs are identified during Performance Reviews, the EPIC Account has many solutions that may be a good fit.
  • Learn about the Facilitation Kits that are available so that training sessions can be facilitated by your own trainers or have a facilitator from The Learning Edge work with you.
  • Incorporate one of the profiles in your existing training programs.
  • 24/7 online access to become familiar with the EPIC system and each of the solutions at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Whenever there are updates to any of the products, EPIC Account holders are the first to know!
  • Wiley occasionally requests clients to participate in a Pilot test of a new product. These are great opportunities to get training at no cost. Preference is always given to our EPIC Account clients.

Training to use your EPIC Account

The Learning Edge provides training to help you navigate your way through this very intuitive EPIC system.


  1. We recommend training two people per organization through an in-depth virtual meeting.
  2. Ongoing Support is available from The Learning Edge following the training.