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Everything DiSC® Certification

Three solutions to ensure your company experiences all that Everything DiSC® has to offer

All programs include an overview of Everything DiSC® Solutions to become familiar with the Everything DiSC® Suite Solutions, as well as all slides and workbook materials to assist in the facilitation process. The purchase of a Facilitation Kit is required for all three solutions.

The Learning Edge Everything DiSC® Workplace Train the Trainer

Option 1

Experience the Everything DiSC® assessment process, go deeper with DiSC® theory and research. Receive The Learning Edge’s training materials, activities and best practices. Learn how to keep the Everything DiSC® language alive by creating a great culture and DiSC® follow-up reports.

Wiley Online Everything DiSC® Workplace Certification Program

Option 2

This online course blends self-directed learning activities and live collaborative sessions. Accessible from home or the office computer, Everything DiSC® Workplace Certification is a great resource to gain foundational knowledge and invaluable tools for facilitating Everything DiSC®.

Wiley in-person Certification Program

Option 3

This intensive, in-person course is held on location in Minneapolis, MN. Two full days of facilitated learning helps participants to gain foundational knowledge about Everything DiSC® and successfully bring this solution into your organization.

Wiley’s Newest Solution – Everything DiSC® Essentials


This online solution is designed to give broad education across all of Wiley’s solutions available to you. This is particularly useful for those who wish to support the Everything DiSC® solutions within their organization but would not be participating in a Train the Trainer/Certification program. When you have an EPIC account, you are given access to a variety of tools and resources. Everything DiSC® Essentials gives you information about the offerings and their applications in the workplace.

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