Learning and Development Certification Program

Through our Train the Trainer and Certification programs, trainers have the autonomy of delivering our Learning & Development solutions in-house.

We transfer our experience through program materials, shared best practices and “Beyond the Kit” tips. To begin, trainers will have the opportunity to experience the program through a pilot, open-enrolment, or in-house session.

After certification we provide ongoing support to set trainers up for success.
Our first in class certification programs have been successfully delivered to thousands of participants.

Train the Trainer and Certification is available for the following solutions:

Participants will:

  • Experience the program through a pilot, open enrolment or in-house facilitated session.
  • Understand assessment processes through completing personalized profiles as required, and how to apply the profiles to real-world scenarios.
  • Receive The Learning Edge’s training materials, activities and best practices. These have been designed and tested by The Learning Edge, enabling us to provide you with the very best delivery.
  • Get a high-level overview of the facilitation materials and how to use the tools to meet the needs of your company.
  • Present their understanding of the material through facilitating to the group.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, receive a certificate to facilitate the program.
  • Be supported and coached through follow-up and ongoing support from The Learning Edge.


  • Participate in a facilitated program
  • Purchase of Facilitation Kits (Wiley Facilitator Kits where required, and The Learning Edge’s “Beyond the Kit”)

EPIC Account (Optional)

For increased flexibility and control, The Learning Edge can offer trainers access to their own EPIC Account (Electronic Profile information Center) that will enable them to generate their own DiSC or Five Behaviors profiles, stay organized, and have access to advanced reporting options.

A one-time purchase of an EPIC Account includes in-depth training facilitated by The Learning Edge to assist in navigating the platform and provide support.

The “Power of We” DiSC Membership Program

The Learning Edge’s DiSC Annual Membership Program that streamlines communication for you about existing and new DiSC resources, education, and support as well as membership pricing and promotions. Contact us for more details.

Contact us for further information or to request a proposal.

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