April 16-18, 2018
Open Enrolment - Saskatoon, SK

Great experience not only for work but also in personal and family life.
Al Poulin, Parts Manager, Cervus Equipment

Transforming experience. This was a powerful experience. I have picked up many tools for my future improvements!
Shane Brennan, IT Help Desk Supervisor, Bourgault Industries

Enjoyed the DiSC Profile. Liked the smaller group. Speaking in front of people was my challenge. – this helped me.
Mike Willman, Weld Supervisor, Highline Manufacturing

This course was an experience of a lifetime! I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to gain more knowledge on how to lead and work with others effectively on a team.
Jerick Hedges, Engineer, Bourgault Industries

Life is a journey of learning and doing. Thanks for the giant leap forward!
Grant Shaver, Business Improvement Manager, Mosaic Potash

This course has truly allowed me to understand and accept my own vulnerability which in turn will undoubtedly help me excel as a manager and a person.
Conner Ross, Branch Manager, Sunrise Credit Union

Very positive, encouraging, and practical.
Alexander Wallace, Director, Credit Union Central of Manitoba



January 24-26, 2018
Open Enrolment - Saskatoon, SK

How do I measure the growth I experienced from taking the course? Well, if I gave myself a 6.5 for the level of confidence I had when speaking in public, I ended the course with a solid 9.0, and the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals was a bonus.
Joseph Fred, SIGA

This course was an absolute gift. I think ever human needs this teaching. Very practical and life changing information!
Shelley Nyland, 3S Health

The best learning experience I've ever had!!
Kathy Hainworth, SIGA

Enjoyed working on my greatest fear and weakness, which is public speaking.
Ismatheo Dimapilis, Bourgault Industries LTD.

This was one of the most exciting experiences of my adult life. I truly feel that I leave here a better human being.
Evan Prytula, Bougault Industries LTD.

It has given me a refreshed perspective of leadership
Lisa Locke, SIGA



Nov 21-23, 2017
Open Enrolment - Winnipeg, MB

I have nothing but accolades to Denis and Denise! The Managing Things…Leading People Program is an amazing program. That anyone who aspires to lead needs to take!
Paul Teixeira, Farmers Edge

Excellent work shop. Great presentation. Knowledgeable facilitator. Thank you for everything it was a great honor attending your seminar.
Andras Szilveszter, Robertson Building Systems

This course has given me the tools needed and taught me concepts to be a great leader.
Jim Cohrs, Robertson Building Systems



June 26-28, 2017
Open Enrolment Program - London, ON

As a member of middle-management team in a manufacturing industry, I’m so impressed with how practical and impactful the learnings were.

Lindsay Hayter, Human Resources Manager, Hayter’s Farm

It’s difficult to truly describe the impact this course has had on me, and the applicability of it to ALL employees at ANY level of a company! This was truly a transformational experience.

Carol Stevens, Learning & Development Leader, NCI Building Systems



April 19-21, 2017
Open Enrolment Program - Saskatoon, SK

Denis is able to bring out the best in all the great leaders that were in the room.  Thank-you. 

Steven Trew

The hands on team-building exercises give a lot of opportunity to learn the material in a way that won’t be forgotten and will make it easier to implement in real life.  

Debbie Leicht - Bourgault Ind. Ltd.

If you want to grow as a person in your personal and professional life, you need to take this course.

Lucinda Smolinski – Fast Genetics

Had a blast.

Nate Billesberger – Highline

Very Inspirational listening to what Denis and the group had to say and what to focus on.  Overall engagement was done as a group, everyone participated in all discussions and everyone had learnt many different leadership tools.

Mike Loyns – Bourgault Industries

Denis was the most well spoken person I have ever come across.  Being a tradesman you don’t come across guys like Denis and Ubong.  It was great being able to be in the class. 

Nthan Unrau – Bourgault

This course provided me with new insight on what leadership truly means and also increasing drastically my confidence in public speaking. 

Scott Masich – Potash Corporation of Saskatoon


February 8-9, 2017
Farmers Edge - In-House

Dr. Denis Shackel is one of a kind. His passion for leadership and leading people is infectious. 10/10!
Damon Johnson

Unbelievable material with an exceptional presentation.

Martin Burcham

I am truly honored to have been able to spend time with Mr. Denis Shackel. He is an amazing passionate leader! Wow I have no words, this man is amazing.

Doreen Baker

Fantastic experience! MTLP has encouraged me to see the opportunities all around me, despite that they may be wrapped as problems -they are still a gift.

 Jeff Phillips

January 23-25, 2017
Open Enrolment Program - Regina, SK

An experience of a lifetime that will leave you enthused and wanting to change the world.
Isabel O’Soup – Yorkton Tribal Council 

I have attended several leadership seminars in the past. This was a true eye opening experience to see how knowledgeable the facilitator was and how he put it into practice.
Jung Won – Bourgault Industries 

This program would not be what it is without Denis as the presenter. Just amazing!
Chris Griffith – Bourgault Industries 

This course has given me valuable tools to achieve greater goals in my present job.
Maurice Lazorko – Co-op Oil Refinery 

Denis Shackel is one of a kind!
Kolby Nichol – Farmers Edge 

Blown away! My high expectations were greatly exceeded.
Andrii Reshetniak – Bourgault Industries 

November 28-30, 2016
Open Enrolment Program - Winnipeg, MB

Hands-on, practical information. A new focus on leadership. Managing Things…Leading People is inspiring.
Roni Pirot – Seven Oaks School Division

There are so many takeaways from this course. We were immersed into personal stories, reflective approaches and personal coaching over an amazing three days.  The material learned will help me in my personal and professional life.
Terry McLenehan – Minnedosa Credit Union

Brought me out of my comfort zone and made me think positively again about what I can accomplish.
Dana Valente – Seven Oaks School Division

This course will build on both work and home life!
Dave Misir  - Seven Oaks School Division

Amazing experience! Knowledge and principles that I will apply both personally and professionally. Most important is personal application because it begins with me!
Chris Hildebrand – Access Credit Union

It was an insightful and exciting three days loaded with profound knowledge and practical experience that will be immeasurably beneficial when applied in the workplace.
Leanne Lovie – Sunrise Credit Union

Engaging interactive and encouraging.
Mark Peters – Access Credit Union


November 22-23, 2016
PotashCorp Saskatoon In-House

One of the best training session I have ever attended.
Jason Gerspacher – PotashCorp

Denis makes speaking and listening so personal and involved. I have never been to a more engaged training session.
Mark Knutson – PotashCorp

It was so enlightening to see the transformation with the group from reserved to expressing ourselves and the comfort in showing the vulnerability with the group. Amazing!
Jamie Zerbin – PotashCorp

I had a great time and will use this information in my day to day for sure.
Michael Danyluk – PotashCorp

Lots of new skills and a fun and effective way to build team skills. Excellent course.
Unknown – PotashCorp

I would recommend these programs for anyone in a leadership role!
Tracy Welder – PotashCorp

On the other side of fear is freedom.
On each moving experience, full of cry’s laughter and goosebumps.
Dale Ramler – PotashCorp

Managing Things…Leading People Part II is a great course for pointing a group of people in the same direction.
Kourtney Weslolwski – PotashCorp

A great course for leaders to practice and learn effective communication skills to take back to their respective worksites.
Craig Hamilton – PotashCorp

I have been anxiously awaiting MTLP II since completing the first program. I knew I would be challenged, I would overcome those challenges and I would be better off for it. Thank you!
Ryan Fachaux – PotashCorp

I can honestly say that this course brings out the best in you.  Forcing ourselves out of our comfort zone to gain more confidence and sense of accomplishment.
Dean Punk – PotashCorp

November 7-9, 2016
Open Enrolment Program London, ON

I have learned so much this week in the practical resolutions to problem solving in both the workplace and in my personal life. The skill set and tools I have learned will be carried with me for life. A powerful practical presentation second to none.
Janice Macdonald – Varco Industrial Sales

Thank-you for the journey. This is only the beginning…to observe, to listen, to learn, to encourage and embrace change one step at a time. To be the best each and every day.
Jane Robinson – Robertson Building Systems

Inspiring, enabling, game changer. Be all you can be.
Gabrielle Spanton – Allied PRA, Inc

The Learning Edge, Managing Things…Leading People program is an invaluable experience. Denis is inspiring, motivating and fun. All leaders need to take this course.
Drew Walsh – Kawartha Credit Union

June 2016
Open Enrolment Program – Brandon, MB

This was definitely the most energetic, amazing training session that I have ever attended. It not only inspired and taught me for my professional life but also my personal life.
Lori Taylor – Sunrise Credit Union

This was an amazing experience that I will never forget.
Sheldon Strachan – Strathclair Credit Union

Excellent tools and lessons for everyday life in the workforce and at home.
Lisa Watson – Strathclair Credit Union

Denis truly is emotionally invested in the participant’s success.
Candy Wanless- Sunrise Credit Union

Life changing, personally and professionally.
Iris Popplestone – Sunrise Credit Union

Life changing, team enhancing,
Takes leading by serving to new heights, preparing us to take over the world together! Today is the first day of the rest of our lives – lets choose to make the difference.
Tayona Johnas – Sunrise Credit Union

Dr. Shackel is a brilliant man, teaching an amazing course. I will remember this training for the rest of my life.
Rhonda Heide – Sunrise Credit Union

This is a course I would recommend to everyone.  It is life changing and very powerful to me.
Melorie Broten – Sunrise Credit Union

Amazing course that has made a difference in my personal life as well as my professional career.
Kristen Erick – Sunrise Credit Union

Denis is an amazing instructor. This is the most engaging course I have ever attended.
Adam Dawe – Co-op Refinery Complex

The techniques and experience of Dr. Shackel are absolutely amazing. He pushes you out of your comfort zone to be vulnerable. It was an absolute delight to learn with this group, it felt like one big family.
Tony Keown – Sunrise Credit Union

May 2016
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon, SK

Denis is the best facilitator I’ve encountered and presents his material in a way that grabs your attention and is guaranteed to leave an everlasting mark on my soul. I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone. Denis you are AMAZING.
Lindsay Weber – Bourgault Industries Ltd.

This is a wonderful course that will enhance and improve the skill of anyone who participates. Highly recommended!
Steve Williams – Co-op Refinery Complex

This was the most practical leadership/management training I have experienced in my 30 years of leadership with Federal, First Nations and private industries. This is a great next step for anyone at any level of management to self-improve or build their teams.
Bev Peel – Athabasca Health Authority

Highly recommended for all levels of employment – not just for managers and leaders of teams.
-Not for the “faint of heart”, explosive content – will open minds and doors.
Amanda Reimer – 3sHealth

I have taken many courses, classes etc. in my life. Some more useful than others. This course however is something everyone needs to experience to not only become a great leader but a great human being.
Dustin Poole – PotashCorp

What a life changing experience. I had no idea what I was in for, and was extremely surprised and satisfied with the course.  Great job! Thank you.
Tracy Thibault – Bourgault Industries Ltd.

This course has taught me that I can be a great leader. I can empower my team to greatness and we will be successful.
Shelley Holterman – Raymore Credit Union

Excellent content presented and demonstrated to the max by Denis, our intelligent, incredible, and inspiring leader. An emotionally charged learning experience. The honesty and sharing by all participants is heartwarming. We are all leaders.
Darlene Schindelka – Raymore Credit Union

April 2016
PotashCorp Saskatoon – In-House Program

Truly eye opening. Makes me want to evaluate how I handle not only work but my personal life as well.
Ryan Nordick – Instrumentation Supervisor

Best course I have ever taken. Great instructor.
Kit Lawrence – Training Coordinator

Denis is an amazing instructor. The knowledge and experience he brings is incredible. It was an absolute joy to attend this course.
Kimberly Leach – HR Coordinator

I have been in a few training sessions in my 10 years with PotashCorp and this was by far the most engaging, informative and fun time I’ve had at any of them.
Sean Wasyleka- Mine Shift Supervisor

I had heard about how incredible this particular course was from a co-worker and have been looking forward to it for years. Even coming into the course with my very high expectations, I was still blown away by how amazing it was.
Ryan Fauchoux – Electrical Engineer

Denis leads a course which has a profound impact on any leader’s position. The amount of quality information he delivers is priceless.
Joel Thon – Electrical Engineer

This course is amazing! Great Facilitator.
Lorne Fuchs – Supervisor

Money well spent! 
The best team building exercises I have ever experienced. PCS cannot help but have high performing teams with this kind of training and learning tools. You can only realize how great Managing Things…Leading people is by being here!
Brent Clark – Maintenance Supervisor

This was the most engaging and inspiring course I have ever participated in. It feels as though I can go back to work and “Move Mountains” making huge personal changes in my leadership style.
Curtis Fleischhacker - Mine Construction Supervisor

The delivery of the material by Denis was fantastic!
Dean Punk – Mechanical Supervisor

January 2016
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon, SK

Excellent energy and passion behind the course.
Shawn Mitchell – Bourgault Industries

This was a life changing experience. It has and will help me to work on my presence and self-confidence.
Jennifer Epp - Fast Genetics 

I would not change anything. Looking around the room I witnessed so many “aw huh” moments on people’s faces as they start changing for the better.
Rebecca Longworth - Fast Genetics 

Managing Things…Leading People will change you. Forget everything you thought about leadership courses as this one hits it out of the park.
Garth Erbach – Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Canada

I have enjoyed this course tremendously and will encourage others to take it. This program has definitely changed my way of thinking in terms of dealing with the different personalities on my team.  I will look for strengths rather than weaknesses.
Terrie-Lynn Buban – Fast Genetics

Denis is a passionate and remarkable man. This experience has changed my life for the better and has created new opportunities as I move forward in my career.
Neil Finch - Saskatchewan Rivers Public School

Managing Things…Leading People is a very powerful experience.
Nathan Smith-Neuert – Bourgault Industries

Denis is the most influential speaker I have ever met. I came into the course with no role model in leadership and I have left with a hero and someone to look up to!
David Walker – Co-op Refinery

Unbelievable experience. Denis caught my attention early and kept it the whole time. I look forward to taking more of The Learning Edge courses and reacquainting myself with Denis and Denise.
Audra Pauls – Bourgault Industries

I cannot imagine the course without Denis as the facilitator. A willingness to be vulnerable can help teach great lessons. I love the concept of “servant leader.”
Rob Harvey – Co-op Refinery

November 2015
Open Enrolment Program – Brandon, MB

Exceptional course. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Real life examples used to illustrate how concepts being taught really work.
Ruby Bertholet - Sunrise Credit Union  

The power to change starts with a plant, a pause and a breath.
Unknown –

Denis is without a doubt one of the most inspiring facilitators I gave ever experienced.  He is not only an inspiring facilitator but an inspiring person.
Mike Brolund – Sunrise Credit Union

Denis Shackel is an amazing instructor, communicator and leader. He pushes people in a positive and empowering way to help facilitate growth and development. This was a very inspirational and moving course.
Terri Roulette McCartney – Sunrise Credit Union

Very inspirational. Focused on “Team”.
Dale Evenson – McCain Foods

This has been the most inspirational 3 days.   I have learned more in this course than any other leadership course I have taken.
Diane Hart – Sunrise Credit Union

Denis unleashes the best in people.
Jim Dickinson – Sunrise Credit Union

This course is a must for every manager/executive to attend. It will open the doors to the leader inside of you.
Gene Pielechaty

Thought provoking seminar. Takes you out of your comfort zone to new places of insight and thought.
James Knockaert

Managing Things…Leading people is one of the most inspirational seminars I have ever been involved in. The participation was amazing and the 3 days went by so fast!
Tanis Bennie

September 2015
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon, SK

Not perfect – but EXCELLENT!
Colin Branger – Highline Mfg.

This course is high energy and pushes comfort zones. It has inspired me to see our differences as assets to forward momentum of the group, a team or organization as a whole.  Anything else would be opportunities missed.
Sharon Barlow – Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

Outstanding course. Inspirational, informative and FUN. Denis is a brilliant speaker; honest and whole hearted.
Lee Skifton - Bourgault Industries

The environment was very welcoming. I felt safe to participate.
Thank you.
Linda Senyk - Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

It was a jam packed 3 days so be prepared to find out how much hidden talent you have. You will walk away with new leadership tips and new friendships! Denis Shackel can create a positive team culture in less than 1 day!
Marion Firby - Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

From the first moment of speech Denis Shackel had my attention. If I only remember a few things he has shown me, I will become a better man and a better leader. I am grateful to have met Denis.
James DeBaets – Highline Mfg.

Total group participation.
Very good management skill teachings.
Passionate facilitator.
Dallas Swan - Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

Absolutely mind blowing!
Miller Chetty – Bourgault Industries

April 2015
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon

Managing Things…Leading People taught me a lot about myself as a leader. I learned real world examples to take back to my team that will enhance our performance.
Michelle Temple – Cornerstone Credit Union

October 2014
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon

Denis provided very practical information not only on how to be a great leader, but also how to be a good team member. I doubt that there is another person alive that could present the material as well as him!
Tory Allan – Co-op Refinery Complex

This course will help immensely in growing my High Performance Team.  Amazing experience.
Kelly Watts – Highline Manufacturing Ltd

This program is excellent and I have learned a lot. It will add so much value to my current skill set.
Jagdish Kamow – Highline Manufacturing Ltd.

I was a little skeptical about taking another “Managing/Leading” course… This one however proved me wrong and blew me away. My paradigm has shifted!
Trevor Ogden – Co-op Refinery Complex

The most powerful career development I have ever received – the power is that this course will allow me to continue developing long after this week.
Megan Torrie – Co-op Refinery Complex

A course well presented. Everyone can relate to the material.
Perry Slobodzian – Co-op Refinery Complex

This is an excellent and profound program that benefits team leaders and team members alike.
Allison Hillmer

It was an eye opening experience that has given me the tools and knowledge to achieve the total potential in my position.
Garth Turner – Bourgault Industries

Unbelievable, definitely a “WOW” in my books. Unforgettable, a real asset for anyone to attend.
Melina Knudson – Cornerstone Credit Union

A superb way to gain insight into High Performing Team’s (HPT). Wonderful and impactful insights into team interpersonal relations and what is needed in building HPT’s.
Jose Sousa – Siemens Laserworks

Before I attended this course, I had heard so many great things about it.  I was very excited to attend. After I attended the seminar, I can attest that it is a must for all leaders who want to improve their leadership skills.
Dennis Villanueve – Highline Manufacturing Ltd.

Highly recommend it to anyone.
Eric Tasa – Bourgault Industries

I found the course to be a perfect blend of information and hands on involvement. The course helped me grow as a leader. My main take away was effective communication skills in a team environment.
Curtis Herasymuik –Siemens Laserworks

Denis is the best instructor I have ever had. His style of teaching will help you unlock your true potential.
Michael Popowich – Co-op Refinery Complex

Wow, not only did Denis and all of his teachings make an impact on me professionally and personally; all of those that joined me on this learning path also taught me new things that will remain with me always.
Kelli Blazeiko – Cornerstone Credit Union

This seminar with absolutely amazing. I am excited to take this wealth of information that I learned back to my workplace. The principals taught will also be applied in virtually every area of my life. Thank you so much!
Kelly Taylor – Bourgault Industries

This was one of the best life experiences. A lot of knowledge and skills were learned during this program.
Michele Gallays – Bourgault Industries

June 2014
PotashCorp. In-house Programs Part I

There is information presented in this class that is life changing. It can immediately be put to work on the job and at home.
Hatcher Logue – PotashCorp. Augusta

I learned many new things about myself, how people perceive me and how I perceive myself. I also learned the fundamentals of what leadership is and how to create my own high performing team.
Jonathan Johnson – PotashCorp. Saskatoon

It was good to learn about public speaking.
Mike Norton – PotashCorp. Rocanville

An absolutely outstanding and valuable experience.
Jason Arntsen – PotashCorp. Allan

May 2014
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon

This is an inspiring course. It is unbelievable how much information and practical application can be portrayed in so short a time. Denis has the skill to take a group of disparate individuals and turn them into leaders and high performing team members.
Mary Ryhorski - Cornerstone Credit Union

This seminar exceeded my expectations more than I thought possible! I know I will take the messages and lessons from this course with me to my workplace. It will allow me to build relationships with others, work effectively with them and empower our team to be successful!!!
Jennifer Smetaniuk – Bourgault Industries

Denis is a very knowledgeable professional who shared some very intimate, life changing experiences. I would gladly recommend this course to others.
Jason Thomas – Bourgault Industries

It was an experience, not just a training course, and my life has been forever changed for participating. I am excited, delighted and ignited!
Judi Wearing – Cornerstone Credit Union

Denis walks the talk. Everything he teaches he puts into practice. The genuine care that he shows people is unbelievable because no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
Melanie Blue – 18 Asset Management

This was a truly amazing, life-changing experience that I know will affect my personal and work-life in a very positive manner. I thoroughly enjoyed Managing things… and would recommend it, run by Denis, to anyone looking for a Leadership course. I am truly grateful to Denis for sharing his knowledge and experiences with me.
Sunny Mann – 18 Asset Management

Denis is extremely passionate about what he does. I think he genuinely cares for everyone he teaches. A great man, a great teacher, a passionate entertainer and full of humor. He involved everyone and it is a Leadership course I will never forget!!! J
Bryce Ulven – Highline Manufacturing

Profoundly life changing; both professionally and personally. Managing Things…Leading People was educational, enlightening, and priceless.
Sean Maguire – Hayter’s Farm

This is an exceptional course that I would recommend to anyone entering a leadership position.
Mark Simpson – Co-op Refinery Complex

A course well presented!
Patrick Laprairie – Prairieland Park

There is so much knowledge to be learned from this training.
Gil Aquino

One of the most inspirational people and courses that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting or being a part of.
Wade Thompson – Bourgault Industries

Very inspiring story.
An amazing experience.
An opportunity of a lifetime!
Michelle Corbett – Cornerstone Credit Union

November 2013
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon

Excellent leadership seminar! It truly opened my eyes as to what I need to work on to become a more effective leader.
Allan Sorowski – Prairieland Park

A great teambuilding opportunity that allowed us to fully understand each other’s individual personality style, as well as how to people read in order to work more effectively amongst each of the different styles.
Jeff Chase – Bourgault Industries

Everyone should take this course, it would not only make their work environment a better place but the world would be a better place as well.
Wade Edmondson – Bourgault Industries

Not only is the material relevant, but Denis Shackel is both an excellent facilitator and wonderful person.  I would highly recommend this seminar to those people who lead by position - and those who lead by personality.
Bonnie Englot - Plainsview Credit Union

September 2013
Open Enrolment Program – Saskatoon

My experience could be summed up by three words: inspiration, clarity, and focus. Denis approaches each day with excitement and enthusiasm and he is infectious! I am looking forward to applying my new tools with the team.
Nelson Lanaway – Co-op Refinery Complex



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