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Everything DiSC® Workplace

Build Rapport & Employee Engagement Through Communication

Everything DiSC® Workplace is a great introduction for anyone who is new to the Everything DiSC® profile series. It is a fast-paced, interactive session that provides participants with insights about their strengths and identifies how an individual could be more effective in developing relationships.

This session includes a personalized Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile and all training materials for each participant.

Session Objectives

Discovering Your DiSC® Style

• Learn about the DiSC® model and the everything DiSC® Workplace Map
• Identify your style and explore the priorities that drive you during your workday
• Discover the similarities and differences among the DiSC® styles

Understanding Other Styles

• Discover your reactions to different DiSC® styles
• Identify what works and what challenges you when working with each style
• Use the DiSC® model to understand the people you work with

Building More Effective Relationships

• Learn how others have bridged their differences using DiSC®
• Practice using DiSC® to build more effective relationships at work
• Write an action plan for building more effective relationships
• Learn ways to reduce conflict with others

The Everything DiSC® Workplace helps build better relationships one relationship at a time. The Workplace profile can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. Participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.


Organizations use the Everything DiSC® Workplace Program to help employees understand the DiSC® model of human behavior – “why people do what they do”. Each of us has developed a distinct way of thinking, feeling and acting – this becomes our behavioral style. The Everything DiSC® Workplace Program is a half or full day session that demonstrates to each participant their own personalized DiSC® style and also teaches them how to recognize the behavior style of others.

Program Options

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