Option 1 – The Learning Edge Everything DiSC® Workplace Train the Trainer

Experience the Everything DiSC® assessment process, receive personalized profiles, and apply the profiles to real-world scenarios. Go deeper with DiSC® theory and research so that you feel confident to answer common questions in training sessions. Get a high-level overview of the Everything DiSC® facilitation materials and how to use the tools to meet the needs of your company. Receive The Learning Edge’s training materials, activities and best practices. These have been designed and tested by The Learning Edge, enabling us to provide you with the very best delivery model for Everything DiSC® so you can achieve the best results on a go-forward basis. These additional resources go “beyond the kit”. Learn how to keep the Everything DiSC® language alive by creating a culture of DiSC® with DiSC® follow-up reports. Follow-up and continued support/coaching from Denise McIntyre at The Learning Edge. Upon successful completion of the course, receive the certificate of Everything DiSC® Workplace Trainer.

Optional: For increased flexibility and control, The Learning Edge can also offer you access to your own EPIC (electronic profile information center) account that will enable you to generate your own profiles, assist you in staying organized and provide you with advanced reporting options.

Course Requirements

Own an Everything DiSC® Workplace Facilitation Kit

Previously participated in a facilitated DiSC® seminar

Time Commitment

5 hours of pre-training work

8 hours of in-house training

Up to 6 hours of post-training work

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