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360 Assessments & Coaching

A 360-feedback program is most effective when results are delivered directly to the leader by an experienced coach who can guide the leader in using the feedback to achieve meaningful professional development. Simply handing a final report to the leader to review alone rarely results in any real improvement.

The Coaching phase of an Everything DiSC® 363™ for Leaders profile includes:

  • Preparing for delivering feedback
  • Meeting with the leader to help process and understand the feedback
  • When delivering 363 results, the coach's role is to help the leader make sense of the data, interpret the feedback, and frame it constructively.
  • Assisting the leader in identifying development areas and creating action plans
  • Providing resources to help the leader achieve goals
  • Scheduling follow-up meetings to measure progress and promote accountability

Executive/Management Coaching enables you to move beyond training. By working with our coaches, you will find ways that work best for you to put knowledge gained from experience and training into everyday practice, achieving real results through real performance.

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One-on-One Coaching

What makes executive/management coaching effective - unlike so many other approaches - is its unique, ongoing, one-on-one, methodology. Seminars, conferences and internal mentoring programs appear effective, yet the learning tends to be lost over time. With executive/management coaching, however, you work with your coach, to ensure that your learning is relevant, powerful meaningful, and powerful.

Preparing position descriptions is also required for re-aligning and integrating staff functions and roles for optimal performance, networking and realization of organizational goals. The purpose of this seminar is to define the Human Resources planning function as integral to business planning and to examine characteristics of a fully integrated planning process. Participants will discuss the Human Resources planning mission, process, activities and effectiveness measures, how the Human Resources planning function has become part of a collaborative team process.

  • Executive/Management Coaching - for successful business people who wish to continue to get the best from themselves, for corporate results, personal career advancement and commercial success
  • Leadership Coaching - for proven leaders who want to win 'hearts & minds', whether in boardrooms or small teams
  • Performance Coaching - focused on delivering your best performance at specific events such as professional acting & sports or simply public speaking engagements

Each of our Executive/Management Coaching, Leadership and Performance Coaching programs is tailored to meet the individual's needs.

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Online Assessments

The Learning Edge Inc. has a variety of online assessments available to our clients. These tools are an important part of the coaching process, offering instant and detailed feedback as well as flexibility of location and time.

Please visit our Online Assessments page for more information about available tools.

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