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Assess Systems has been advancing Talent Selection and People Development processes for almost three decades. Their innovative assessment software and HR consulting removes the guesswork.



The Select testing platform provides a wide array of pre-employment tests designed to be used in an integrated selection process; each includes a recommended interview protocol and follow-up interview probes based on test results.

While each test measures characteristics important to a specific job type, all have at their core the prediction of productivity, cooperative work behaviours and integrity.

Developed by organizational psychologists, Select tests are validated for specific jobs and industries and are predictive of job success. Select gives you concise reports with interview suggestions immediately at your site.

The different types of Select tests include:

  • Administrative Support
  • Production and Distribution
  • Personal Service
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Retail
  • Convenience Stores
  • Entry Level Sales Manager
  • Retail Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Receptionist
  • Leasing Agents
  • Custom Test
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Hiring the right professionals and managers is essential—yet even the best selection process cannot reveal the hidden traits of winning candidates.

Assess professional assessments help you to evaluate every critical ingredient, including candidates’ innate characteristics, intellectual abilities and learned skills, then compares the results to your organization’s model of success. Assess identifies and prioritizes candidates with the right fit—and this includes job role, company and culture.

Define Success

Competencies Define Superior Performance:

  • Assess solves talent evaluation by defining the primary behaviors and competencies required for success.
  • Our rapid, no-hassle method of creating flexible models ensures high performance standards and aligns talent with business strategy.

Use Assess for:

  • Executives – Development
  • Executives – Selection
  • Managers – Development
  • Managers – Selection
  • Professional/Individual Contributor – Development
  • Professional/Individual Contributor – Selection
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – Development
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager – Selection
  • Restaurant General Manager – Development
  • Restaurant General Manager – Selection
  • Restaurant Kitchen Manager – Development
  • Restaurant Kitchen Manager – Selection
  • Sales Managers – Development
  • Sales Managers – Selection
  • Sales Professionals – Development
  • Sales Professionals – Selection
  • Supervisors – Development
  • Supervisors – Selection
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Sales Max

SalesMax®, our consultative sales assessment solution, is a web-based testing system designed to evaluate whether your professional sales candidates have the underlying personality to be effective in a demanding sales role.

Sales Personality

Success begins with the basic disposition for sales. Personality traits are stable characteristics that are not easily changed through training, so sales professionals should possess the right personality from the start.

Assess Systems™ has been actively researching the sales personality since the mid 1980s and has been providing sales assessments for various sales roles for the last 17 years.

Sales Knowledge

SalesMax also measures the candidate’s knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages of the sales cycle, as well as their motivational needs. It evaluates prospecting, pre-qualifying, first impressions, probing, presenting, overcoming objections, influencing, closing and more. It also provides feedback on specific personality factors that help or hinder effectiveness in sales—where to target training efforts, and what motivations will mean the most.

Sales Motivations

SalesMax will also help you gauge the fit between the individual’s motivational needs, your supervisory style, and the rewards available in your organization. It does this by looking at these motivators: recognition, control, money, freedom, developing expertise, affiliation, security, and achievement.

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Assess Risk

Assess Risk helps hiring managers identify tendencies that are very difficult to identify through traditional interviewing — inclinations toward counter-productive behaviors and attitudes at work.

Driven by client demand, Assess Risk complements Assess Systems’ other “job fit” assessments, by offering a work-ethic focused product that can be used across many jobs. Assess Risk provides robust features and options for employers seeking to minimize their hiring risk. The workforce scientists atAssess Systems analyzed data on more than 300,000 candidates and identified statistical relationships between Assess Risk and the propensity toward counter-productive behaviors. The result of this rigorous process is a predictive assessment that can facilitate better hiring decisions.

Bad hires increase theft and liability exposure, drive customers away and damage an organization’s reputation. Industry research shows bad hires cost organizations thousands of dollars in lost business; in the retail industry alone, theft represents about $31 billion in losses, with employee theft being the top source, according to the National Retail Security Survey (2012).

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Assess 360

Assess 360 represents the next generation of multi-rater feedback tools. Like most 360 degree tools, Assess 360 collects and reports anonymous feedback from an individual's peers, boss, direct reports, and/or customers. But, Assess 360 is anything but typical — it offers a powerful combination of flexibility and depth of content.

Are your employees aware of the impact their actions have on their direct reports, their peers, their team, your clients? Are you looking for ways to provide objective third party feedback that is specific and will result in higher performance on the job?

Research shows that employee feedback is rarely specific and therefore rarely effective. We also know that the higher an employee rises in the corporate ranks, the more isolated they become, and the less feedback they receive.


  • Completely web-based survey, administration and reporting (paper and pencil survey available)
  • Rate multiple people at a time, reducing administration time for raters
  • Allows for comparative ratings


  • Allow participants to manage their own 360 surveys with MY360
  • Focus360 is a follow-up survey that monitors development progress.


  • Dimensions and behaviours populated directly from your competency model
  • Competency Rankings
  • Behaviour Ratings
  • Detailed Development Suggestions for lowest rated competencies
  • Action Planning Guidance
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